Going Deeper – 03.24.2024

Breaking Ground

When reflecting on your life journey, what milestones do you consider the most notable? Why? 

The Dig

This Sunday, we celebrated E3’s 20th birthday as a church by reflecting on where our community has been, where our community currently is, & where we hope to see our community go in this next season of life. 

Start by reading Exodus 13:17-22. This passage appears moments after God has liberated the Isrealites from Egypt. In it, we find the Israelites preparing to leave Egypt (where they’ve been for 400 years) & set out for the Promised Land (an unknown destination that none of them have ever seen). Notably, they head out with three key things: 

  1. Joseph’s Bones (a symbol of their past & where they’ve been).
  2. An unknown destination & promised home (a symbol for their future & God’s commitment to lead them to where they need to be).
  3. A pillar of cloud & fire (a symbol of God’s presence guiding them along each next step in the present).

Why do you think God provides the Israelites with these three specific components? Why is each crucial for helping a community navigate the unknown & move forward together? 

Imagine if you were an Israelite. What other information, items, or reassurances would you have wanted in addition to these components? Why do you think God doesn’t provide them? 

Use this passage to celebrate & reflect upon your own experiences at E3. 

Consider the symbol of Joseph’s bones & reflect upon where E3 has been. What drew you to this community? What’s kept you here? Where has E3 had the biggest impact upon your life? 

Consider the symbol of the promised land & reflect upon where E3 is going. What good future do you hope to see for E3? How does E3’s journey to this point help inform that future? What would need to stay the same & change about our community in order for it to live into this potential future?

Finally, consider the symbol of the pillar of cloud/fire & reflect upon how God might be directing us in the present as He leads us to where we need to be. Where do you presently see God moving in your life through E3? Where do you see God moving in the lives of others through E3? How can you be a part of helping E3 further live into the kind of community we dream it can be in this next season?

Coming Out of the Hole

Take time to reflect on the Sunday sermon & how this week’s teaching might speak into your daily life.

  • Where are you grateful for the E3 community? 
  • Where are you hopeful when it comes to the direction of the E3 community? 
  • Where can you take another step towards E3 to help it grow & thrive in this next season?

Journal, reflect, & pray on how God might be speaking to you through each week’s teaching. Share your experience with your growth group next week!

Additional Resources*

New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton

Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter 

Falling Upward by Richard Rohr


Coming Up This Week:* 

Sunday, March 31st: Join us next Sunday to celebrate EASTER! Don’t forget to invite your friends & family! * Please see mye3.org for details.

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