Every organization has terms, acronyms, and popular sayings that sometimes don’t translate well. Element3 has tried to stay away from words that have traditionally been used to describe churches as well. With this in mind, here are common terms that may need further definition:

Commons: the name for the fellowship hall/ youth gym/ playground in the center of our church building.

Echo: our webpage that houses weekly calendars, events, and updates for keeping our community in the know of what is happening!

Growth Group: what some churches may call small groups, these are groups of people (5-15) that meet weekly at church or each other’s houses to discuss the sermon, focus on a book, or work through the curriculum like 12 steps for example.

One Mission: the name of the latest fundraiser that rehabbed plumbing, parking, roof, E3 youth, E3 kids, and E3’s lobby to name a few items.

Owner: similar to a member of a traditional church, but charged with responsibility as “owning” a part of the church both spiritually, physically, and relationally in the Body of Christ.

Planning Center: E3 uses this software to coordinate volunteers, receive online giving, and keep track of numerous facets of ministry. To get to the Echo webpage you must sign up for a Planning Center account through Element3.

Serve Tallahassee: a food pantry that serves on Saturday’s from a bay in the 1184 building on Saturdays from 9-10:30.

Wise Council: the staff (including the lead pastor) are accountable to E3’s “Wise Council,” a group of men and women who provide spiritual shepherding and oversight to the church. Wise Council is comprised of: the current Lead Pastor and a small group of E3 Owners. These members are nominated by anyone at E3, vetted and approved by Wise Council, and annually voted on by Owners. These members serve in rotating terms of three years.

Worship Center: where corporate worship happens on Sundays.

a little taste of history

March 28, 2004 – Launch date at Mahan with Pastor Mark McNees

By Fall 2004 – 4 services

Fall 2004 – Launched ‘Next Steps’ campaign for remodeling

Summer 2006 – Remodel complete, back to 3 services

February 2009 – Opened RedEye Midtown coffee shop

2010- Launched Thomasville campus, met in Grassroots Coffee shop, lasted approx 2 years

December 2012 – Moved to Capital Circle NE

Early 2014 – Bought Capital Circle property

May 2014- Began Legacy campaign for mainly exterior facelift/curb appeal projects

September 2016- Transition to Eric Case as Lead pastor

May 2018- Launched One Mission campaign for various facility updates

March 2019- Transition to Interim Pastor Lori Green

March 2020- Pandemic, moved to online services only

August 2021- Called Pastor Scott Martin