E3: we make disciples

in a place where everyone joins together with Jesus through Deep Faith and Authentic Community in the Emerging Generation.

dis·ci·ple noun The goal of discipleship is not a point that can be achieved in this lifetime, but is a continual movement towards becoming more Christlike in a community of people who are doing the same thing. In this sense, our mission is totally reorienting. We aren’t seeking fame, wealth, or anything but becoming more Christlike. We seek to have a person’s soul matured through the Holy Spirit, the Church, and engaging in the world.

“All are fully welcome and can find transformation”


relational, honest, open

Our church brings forth a great diversity of humanity, belief, and culture to do exactly what our mission and vision stands for: being a beautiful people that reflect the fulness of Jesus Christ that are continually moving towards HIM.

We have the best music on Sunday in the city. Chat with our friendly baristas brewing coffee, tea, and soda. Our messages prompt change from within towards Christlikeness.  We get serious when its called, and have a lot of fun as well when able.  One Sunday may be a free for all Bible Jeopardy, another commissioning overseas missions, and another discerning our spiritual gifts.

We invite you to investigate the story of God, and to consider making His story your story. You can find out more in our online community. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

the three elements of our unique name


Aligns our community together weekly in praise of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.


We impact our local community, our state, and world in bringing divine justice, mercy, and the Gospel to all we meet.


We grow more into Christ by joining together in community.



but what about my


Click the link below to learn more about age specific ministry at E3.

We strive to give age-appropriate content with each and every person who comes to Element3. Our teen and children ministries are not childcare! They equip young disciples at different stages with different content.

All our volunteers are fully background checked and take the utmost care of your children at E3!

called to


Ramp Builds

We partner with ability first once a month. Click to learn more.

Local Projects

We are very careful to volunteer in areas where meaningful and transformative change are needed


We partner with several organizations in Guatemala and take yearly trips to support those organizations for long standing change.


We partner with Good Shepards Fold (GSF) in Uganda. We send teams of volunteers from Element3 to GSF in Uganda each year to support their long-standing efforts for change. 


All are welcome to attend food distributions from 9am to 10:30am on Saturday. We feed approximately 100 families per week. Outside of Christmas we are open every week with a special meal on Thanksgiving weekend.

To serve, reach out to mike@element3.org

made for


growth groups

Join throughout the week in “Growth Groups”; people uniting together, learning, and sharing life around each other with
authenticity and diversity. Some of our groups revolve around a Biblical topic, some discuss sermons, some agree to join together with similar backgrounds like divorce, the challenges of teenagers, or God’s sovereignty. Click below for our current open groups or connect with staff to find out more information about Growth Groups.

True Color and Justice Ministry

E3 is committed to diving into tough topics that often divide culture with humility, grace, and equality of voices. We engage race, sexuality, poverty, and other issues of justice regularly through groups “True Color” and “Justice Ministry”. If you want to know more about upcoming events or engagement, reach out to Pastor Mike below.

Church Members

Our Staff

Full time:

Scott Martin

lead pastor

Mike Overstreet

associate pastor

Jadah Hanna

youth and groups

Jason Davis

worship director

Part time:

Maribel Rivera

e3 kid director

Rori Dunbar

finance technician

Our Campus

Our church has a unique ministry location on the east side of Tallahassee. We have two commercial buildings of tenants. **We are currently full and have no rental properties available**

1190 Building

Besides our numerous church ministries the battery softball training resides in this bay.

1184 Building

Currently we have Gaines St. Pies plus expansion, Captain Pete’s Gyros, and Serve Tallahassee. More coming soon!

Transform our community by your gift