We hate to see you go to another site, but check out the partnerships that we have developed as a near-20-year-old church:

local partners

Element3 does monthly ramp builds with Ability 1st:

Element3 engages holistic justice with the Capital Area Justice Ministry:

other partners

The nice folks who make our database:

Element3 uses ECFA as an accounting oversight:

overseas partners

Element3 has an incredible history and relationship with several global partners in our effort to further our mission of making disciples.


Porch De Solomon:

E3’s first Global Outreach partnership began in 2005 when E3 Owners Lloyd and Melanie Monroe founded Porch de Salomon in Panajachel, Guatemala. Porch is a unique and progressive non-profit ministry; which has loved, served, and encouraged “the lost, the least, and the last” of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan basin ever since. Our partnership has meant sending mission teams, long-term volunteers, and financial support to partner with indigenous home construction (128 quality houses built and counting), community construction, and relationship building. You can learn more about Porch de Saloman and their amazing ministry by visiting their website here:


Casa Tat Loy:

Casa Tat Loy is an Alcohol Treatment facility designed to rehabilitate disadvantaged Mayan men handicapped by the disease of alcoholism. This disease is prevalent in this indigenous population, similar to Native Americans in the US. Our motto is “Savings Families One Man at a Time.” Our goal in this Christian based 90 day program is to, through the use of proven treatment modalities and the Love of Christ, help men to overcome the ravages of alcoholism and return to their families healed and productive. For more information please go to our website at


Good Shepherd’s Fold:

Element3 started partnering with Good Shepherd’s Fold after owners Cody and Katie Fox moved to Uganda in 2014. GSF was established in 1994 as a home for orphaned and vulnerable children. Their work has expanded to impact entire families and communities through child care, advocacy, education, & community development, as they seek to holistically build thriving families and transform their community. Cody and Katie serve at GSF’s children’s home and primary school, providing education to the children of missionaries and coordinating their special needs program. You can learn more about GSF and all the other amazing things this ministry is doing by visiting their website here:


E3 started partnering with 2nd Story Goods after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. They focus on employing & empowering local Haitian businesses & craftspeople to sell their goods abroad & build their local economy in Gonaives. 2nd Story Goods is also dedicated to being an agent of community building in the area, including helping 108 local children remain in school last year alone. 

Second Story Goods: