Going Deeper – 01.21.2024

Breaking Ground

What’s something that upset you in the moment but that you’re grateful for today? Consider a limitation, missed opportunity, fork in the road experience, etc.

The Dig

This Sunday, we continued our series Why, where we’re diving into your submitted questions. This week’s questions were: “How does God have an individual relationship with people? In the Bible he talks to people but he doesn’t talk now? Why did the Holy Spirit prevent Paul from teaching in Asia?”

In exploring these, Pastor Scott reflected upon what it means for God to lead us through prayer, as well as the paradoxical relationship between free-will & determinism (that is, the debate over whether we have agency over our choices vs. all things in history & life being on a set, unchangeable course or predestined). 

How do you think God speaks to or leads us today (if you believe that at all)? How does your understanding of this topic impact your decision-making process or routines?

How do you understand the relationship between free-will & determinism? Do you lean more towards one framework or another in terms of how you think about life & history? How does your understanding impact your decision-making process or routines?

Next, read Romans 12:1-2. Here, Paul lays out a paradoxical vision of life. On one hand, God has a desired path for our lives & world. However, simultaneously, we’ve been given the ability to choose whether or not we follow this path. More so, Paul argues, we also have the ability to grow in discerning this path, as well as how to align with it in our daily choices.

How does this framework uphold both free-will & determinism at the same time? Can you identify moments in your life where both have been true (either in separate instances or within the same one)? 

How does prayer or other spiritual disciplines fit into this vision of life, growth, & decision-making? How do they help us further discern God’s will for our lives? 

Reflect upon your life in this present season.

Consider  your relationships, work, routines, family, & internal world. Where are you currently feeling stuck, conflicted, lost, or floating without guidance? 

How might this framework help you discern God’s will & make healthier decisions within that area of your life? What spiritual practices can you build into your routine to better discern God’s will & what to do in the moment within that confusing part of your life? 

Coming Out of the Hole

Take time to reflect on the Sunday sermon & how this week’s teaching might speak into your daily life.

  • Read Romans 12.
  • What prayer practices are you currently fostering in your daily routine? 
  • If you aren’t able to identify any such practices, then reflect on what that is. If you’re able to, then can you identify ways in which this is helping you better discern God’s will for your life?
  • Where are you struggling to make a decision in this current season? Based upon your group’s conversation & this reflection, can you identify how you might seek out God’s guidance in that area of your life over the coming weeks? 

Journal, reflect, & pray on how God might be speaking to you through each week’s teaching. Share your experience with your growth group next week!

Additional Resources*

New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton

Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen

Falling Upward by Richard Rohr


Coming Up This Week:* 

Sunday, January 28th: Join us next Sunday for week 3 of our series Why, where we’ll be answering YOUR questions on faith & spirituality! 

* Please see mye3.org for details.



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