YOUTH MINISTRY (grades 6-12)

The Element3 Youth Ministry serves youth from 6th grade through high school. It is divided into two groups; middle school for grades 6-8, and high school for grades 9-12. Each group has their own model for meetings and events. We have a dedicated youth room, located in bay 1190E, two doors down the boardwalk (to the south) from the entrance to the church lobby.

Our goals for the youth ministry are to assist our youth to increase their knowledge of God and to develop their own faith; alongside both people in their own age and intergenerational discipleship!  Being a teen is hard, and we commit to challenge and grow wherever they are and transform more into Jesus Christ.

Our middle school group meets on Sunday mornings during the main worship service. Middle School youth start in the worship center with their parents for musical worship. Then, when the worship band finishes, as announced by the host, middle school youth join their leaders in the youth room for a program until the end of the worship service. When communion is celebrated, middle school youth return to the worship center in time to participate in communion with their families. Occasionally, middle school students will remain in the worship center for the entire service when the pastors determine that it is advantageous for middle school youth to hear the message there.

Our High School youth group meets on Wednesday nights in the Youth Room. We use a “growth group” model and as part of that model we usually meet in the homes of our youth leaders. Youth are welcome to arrive and hang out starting at 6:00 pm. Supper will normally be at 6:30 pm, and the lesson will begin after supper and last until around 8:00 pm. High School youth may remain afterward to fellowship, and parents should pick up youth who do not drive by 9:00 pm. Occasionally both Middle School and High School will meet on Wednesday night or at other times for special events. In order to stay informed, parents are encouraged to use the Facebook page described below.

Parents and youth are asked to follow the “Element3 Student Ministry Parents” Facebook group to get up-to-date information about activities and events. In addition, since our church uses Church Center software for administration, youth names and contact information will be entered into the software so that we can communicate using the tools provided. It is critically important that contact information be entered and maintained correctly in the Church Center order that we can communicate effectively.

In addition to our Youth Director Cliff Justin, our adult volunteers include Dan Bellamy, Devan Cobb-Williams, Katie Grab, Barb and John Stott, Chelsea White, and Kelsey Wright.

Please message  with any questions you have about the youth program at Element3 Church.