Mission + Beliefs

E3’s mission is to make disciples — followers — of Jesus Christ. That’s it; plain and simple. We believe that we best accomplish this three ways.

  • Worship. Every week on Sundays we come together to worship God as a family in a corporate way. We sing songs to/about God, we hear from the Word, we listen to a teaching, and we make meaningful connections with each other. All of these things, we believe comprise worship.
  • Groups. Throughout the week, we meet in small Growth Groups in homes and coffee shops to get real with each other. We share what is burdening us, we encourage each other, and through these groups we are challenged to grow in our love of the Lord.
  • Service. Jesus was a servant, and so are we. We serve the E3 community in a variety of ways on Sunday mornings, but we also serve the greater Tallahassee area through Ability1st, Serve Tallahassee, WT Moore Elementary, and A Women’s Pregnancy Center. We also serve our brothers and sisters in Guatemala, Haiti, and Uganda.

For more information on E3’s mission, and to find a Growth Group or service opportunity, email Pastor Lori Green.

E3 believes in UNITY in the essentials, FREEDOM in the nonessentials, and in all things LOVE.

Below are the six essentials we believe the community of E3 must have unity on for authentic biblical community:

  1. We believe the Bible, composed of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, is wholly inspired by God, without error in revealing God’s truth through the use of narrative, poetry and teaching, and the final authority on all matters.
  2. We believe in one God, who is the Creator and Sustainer of all things, infinitely perfect and eternally existing as three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  3. We believe all People have been designed to be in relationship with God, but that we have chosen to elevate our own desires above God’s perfect plan and have therefore eternally severed our relationship with God apart from the restoring work of Jesus Christ.
  4. We believe that we are totally reliant on God’s free gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, as the only path to a restored relationship with Him and look forward to Christ’s coming return in fulfillment of the Bible’s teachings.
  5. We believe the Holy Spirit fills true followers of Christ, revealing to us the actions, habits, and patterns in our lives that are not pleasing to God, empowering us to live out God’s purpose for our lives, and giving Spiritual Gifts for the building of the Kingdom of God.
  6. We believe that E3 is only a small part of Christ’s global Church which is comprised of all followers of Christ who are committed to:
    • Worshiping the one true God,
    • Telling others about the gift of Jesus Christ,
    • Connecting in biblical community,
    • Teaching and encouraging one another towards becoming more like Christ,
    • Serving the church and those far from God in the name of Jesus Christ.