Message Slides – 03.05.2023



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Panel Questions:

  • How best do you share faith?
  • What do you wish you could’ve done in your child’s faith walk now?
  • What did you do well that was awesome and would recommend to others?
  • Help! My child is exhibiting self-harm behaviors! What does that mean and how can I help? What should I do or not do?
  • I’m tempted to raise my voice to get my kid’s attention. I need new tools to shake up this…help!
  • How do I explain to my child why different groups of people who all profess to be followers of Jesus interpret parts of the Bible and/or respond to the world so differently?”
  • So… the Old Testament is kind of weird, right? In all seriousness, as someone whose studied Scripture, I think that the Old Testament is absolutely amazing. However, it’s also profoundly alien to us culturally, historically, socially, etc. In fact, more often than not, it seems like it’s so outside of our context that even teaching it to children raises more issues than good (I’m thinking of stories like the Flood, Joshua’s conquest of the Promised Land, or even the story of Abraham going to sacrifice Isaac). Do you think there’s a developmental stage/age that kids should reach before being engaged with such complicated, culturally contextualized stories? If so, what is it? How would you go about engaging teens with complex stories like these in a way that doesn’t convey horrifying ideas about God?