Going Deeper – 07.19.2020


07.19.2020 | THEREFORE | Wk 4: “Therefore Be Intentional”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.


Breaking Ground

What’s the biggest project you’ve taken on (personally, hobby, work, etc.)? What were you doing & how long did it take?


The Dig

Reflect on the value for this week: “When the Holy Spirit is moving in and among us, we embrace & live out a life of design & intention.” 

What stands out to you about this value? What do you think a life of intentional design means for individuals & a community? Why do you think this is an important value?

Next, read Romans 12:4-8. Paul paints a picture of a community defined by unity in diversity

What role does diversity play in the health of a community? 

How does a community embrace unity while being diverse? 

Paul says that we can produce this community by embracing our diverse roles, while, at the same time, belonging to one another fully

What do you think that means? What are the barriers to producing a community like Paul is describing? 

Reflect on the design of the community that Paul describes. Each individual grows in their giftings & humbly recognizes where & how they can help the greater body, while, at the same time, allowing others the freedom to do their part. 

What role does growth play in creating a diverse, but united, community? 

What role does humility play in creating a diverse, but united, community? 

Close with the list of gifts: prophesying (speaking truth to power), serving others, teaching, encouraging, giving generously, leading, & giving mercy. 

Which are you strongest at? Which are you weakest at? 

Are you offering your gifts to help others in a community? 

Where could you take a step forward in offering your unique gifts to others in community? 

If you have extra time, close by reading through the “How We Live It Out” points in the next section. 


Getting Out of the Hole

Take each week during this season to reflect on each value.

Intentional Design – When the Holy Spirit is moving in and among us, we embrace & live out a life of design & intention.

What It Means – We need to put our ultimate trust in God for all things in this life. At the same time, we believe that God does not call us to a life of passivity, but rather to one of co-creation with him, working to realize his Kingdom on earth, now. We strive to steward the gifts that God has given us – resources, time, and talents – and to use them intentionally for the good of all others, as Jesus demonstrated. 

How We Live It Out

  • We seek out and develop our own individual spiritual gifts, and seek to serve in the area of our giftedness, passions and calling.
  • We understand that as a community we cannot do everything; sometimes we have to say “no” to good things in order to say “yes” to great things.
  •  We seek holistic health, both as an organization and as individuals.
  • We craft events and processes that are excellent and intentional. We monitor goals and intended outcomes. 

Journal, reflect, & pray over your this value. Note any insights that stand out or really hit home. Share your experience with your growth group next week!


Additional Resources*

To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, & Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World by James D. Hunter

Resident Alien by Stanley Hauerwas

A Community of Character by Stanley Hauerwas

The New Testament & the People of God by NT Wright

Organizational Culture & Leadership by Edgar Schein

Leading Change by John Kotter


Coming Up This Week:* 

Sunday, July 26: Join us for the next week of our series Therefore, where we will explore why trust is a core value at E3. 
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