Going Deeper – 05.28.2023

Breaking Ground

What was your experience of baptism like? What do you remember & how is it meaningful to you today?

The Dig

This Sunday, we celebrated Pentecost, which is the anniversary of the Holy Spirit coming down.  As such, take this week to reflect on the nature & role of the Holy Spirit as a Growth Group.

Begin by reflecting on your understanding of the Holy Spirit. 

When you think of the Holy Spirit, what comes to mind? How would you describe it or the role it plays in the Christian life? 

In the Western church, the Holy Spirit is often one of the least discussed aspects of Christian theology (taking a back seat to an stronger focus on the Father & Son in the Trinity). Why do you think that is? What dangers come with over-focusing on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life? What’s lost in neglecting it altogether?

Begin by reading Acts 2. Here, we find the story of the Holy Spirit descending upon Jesus’ first disciples; which is then followed by acts of preaching, generosity, & community building.

What stands out to you about this scene? 

What individual & communal activities are associated with the Holy Spirit’s arrival? How do these exemplify the presence & work of God in the world?

Next, read Galatians 5:22-26. Here, Paul describes the fruit of the Spirit or what believers should expect to grow in their lives as they submit to the Spirit’s leading. 

What stands out to you about the qualities listed here as the “fruit of the Spirit”? Which of these do you find abundantly in your life? Which do you struggle to embody the most?

What do you think Paul means by walking in step with the Spirit & how does this produce the attributes that Paul described previously? 

What holds you back from submitting to the leading of the Spirit in your daily life? What is one step you can take in this next season to foster a healthier understanding of & ability to listen to the Holy Spirit in your daily life? 

Getting Out of the Hole

Take time to reflect on the Sunday sermon & practice Centering Prayer as a means of connecting to the Holy Spirit this week.

  • At the start of each morning, pick a quiet spot where you can be alone.
  • Determine the amount of time you wish to pray & set a timer (usually, people start for 5-10 minutes at first).
  • Choose a word that reminds you of God’s presence (for example: Abba, Yahweh, Jesus, peace, love, etc.).
  • Get still & quiet, close your eyes, & acknowledge that God’s presence & Spirit are with you. 
  • Breathe in through your nose (following your breath in with your thought) & breathe out your mouth. 
  • As you exhale, say your word out loud & focus your whole attention on it. Try to clear your mind fully by only focusing on your breath & God’s presence with you through your word. Each time a thought or feeling comes, acknowledge it with non-judgment & then release it to God, returning your attention to your breath & God through your word.
  • Repeat for the full allotted time.

Journal, reflect, & pray on how God might be speaking to you through each week’s teaching. Share your experience with your growth group next week!

Additional Resources*

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Ways by Eugene Peterson

The Divine Dance: The Trinity & Your Transformation by Richard Rohr


Coming Up This Week:* 

Sunday, June 4th: Join us next Sunday for the beginning of our new series on The Book of Ephesians!* Please see mye3.org for details.