Going Deeper – 04.19.2020


04.19.2020 | GOD, PART 2 | Wk 12: “A New Mission”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

What is the farthest away place that you’ve ever visited? 


The Dig

Read Matthew 28:16-20. 

The New Exodus story of Jesus ends with Jesus sending out his disciples to the world to be the New Exodus people & Kingdom where ever they go. 

Why do you think this is the final passage of Matthew? 

This text is often used to define mission & evangelism. First, how do you often think about mission & evangelism? 

In Jesus’ vision of the world, the goal of God’s people was always to be a light to the nations or a people who show the others God’s character & Kingdom with how they exist now

In your experience, does mission usually focus more on who you are OR what you tell people? How does each one impact how you engage in this part of Jesus’ story?

Which do you think is easier? Which do you think is more effective?

How does changing the focus of evangelism to living out the New Exodus impact how you understand what the Gospel story is meant to do to & through us? 

How does the idea that the Gospel invites you to be the Kingdom & New Exodus in the world impact how you understand your responsibility as a disciple in the world? 

Take time to reflect on where you need to be the Kingdom in this season. 

Think about the areas of your life below & answer this question for each: “Where in your life do you feel like you know a lot about what the Gospel calls you to be & do in this area, but you struggle to live out the Gospel in the world?”

  • Your relationships & actions with family
  • Your relationships & actions with friends
  • Your relationships & actions at work
  • Your attitudes & actions towards those you don’t know personally (especially, “the least of these” in our world)

Close by reflecting on where you have seen God move in this series & in your life right now. 


Getting Out of the Hole

Take time this week to journal about what you have learned, felt, & experienced conviction over the course of this series. 

  • Where has it hit you the most in a positive way? 
  • Where has it hit you the hardest in a convicting way?
  • Where can you change to be the New Exodus in the world? 
  • How can you invite someone else into this New Exodus story of Jesus? 

Journal about what comes up & pray for our world in this season. Share your experience with the group throughout the week! 


Additional Resources*

Matthew Commentary by Stanley Hauerwas

Simply Jesus by NT Wright

Jesus and the Victory of God by NT Wright

Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament by Chris Wright


Coming Up This Week:* 

Sunday, April 26: Join us for the first week of our series Just Be, where we will be looking at the spiritual disciplines, practices, & habits that the Christian faith offers as pathways to learning to be more present & navigate the hardest seasons of life. 
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