Going Deeper – 04.02.2023

Breaking Ground

What activity makes you lose track of time the most? Why?

The Dig

This Sunday, we concluded our series Expect Resurrection, where we’re exploring the concept of resurrection in the biblical story. 

During the message, Pastor Scott reflected on the misconceptions about when God’s Story will end & the major problems that arise when we over speculate about this part of God’s Story. 

Why do you think Christians are so often drawn to over speculating about this particular topic? In particular, what fears, anxieties, & desires for certainty does this feed? 

In Matthew 24, we find that Jesus predicts the destruction of Jesuralem’s Temple, which he sees as the inevitable consequence to Israel’s current, misguided path of violence & holy war with Rome. In response, the disciples initially link this event with the end times, but Jesus goes out of his way to separate these things. It’s only after discussing the fall of Jerusalem that Jesus turns to the conclusion of God’s story. 

With that in mind, read Matthew 24:36-44. 

What stands out to you about Jesus’ teaching here about the end times? 

Why do you think that Jesus avoids providing a specific sign or timeline for this part of God’s Story (even though the disciples asked for that explicitly)? 

Interestingly, in Matthew, Jesus follows this teaching with a chapter of parables concerning how his disciples are called to live in the present. In them, Jesus calls us to be ready, alert, generous, & just HERE & NOW. As an example, read Matthew 25:31-46.

What stands out to you about this parable? Why does Jesus focus on how to live in the present after leaving the timeline of the end times as a total unknown?

How does Jesus’ teaching better equip his disciples to live in the world here & now, while still having hope for a redemptive future? How is this a healthier response to our world than anxiously, over speculating about the end of the world? 

How might Jesus’ teaching here help you respond to our world’s crises & chaos in a healthier, more Christlike way?

Getting Out of the Hole

Take time each week to reflect on the Sunday sermon & how it might be applied to your daily life.

  • Read Matthew 25. Write down any verses or key pieces of imagery that stand out to you the most. 
  • What imagery & language does Jesus use to describe how we’re called to live in the present as we await the conclusion of God’s Story? 
  • What actions does Jesus identify as being critical to the life of a disciple awaiting God’s ultimate renewal?
  • Which parable challenges you the most in terms of your present attitudes & behaviors? How might Jesus’ teaching invite you to start living differently here & now?
  • Commit to one action or practice this week that would help you experience resurrected life here in the present.

Journal, reflect, & pray on how God might be speaking to you through each week’s teaching. Share your experience with your growth group next week!

Additional Resources*

Surprised by Hope by NT Wright

The Resurrection of the Son of God by NT Wright


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