Going Deeper – 04.09.2023

Breaking Ground

What is your favorite Easter food or candy? Why?

The Dig

This Sunday, we celebrated Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday! 

Read John 19:28-42. Reflect on what the disciples must have been going through at this moment. After giving up everything & following Jesus for 3 years, they now watch as a large rock is slid in front of his tomb. 

What would be going through your mind at this moment? What would be on your heart? 

How would this dark, despairing experience impact your worldview, sense of self, & understanding of God? 

Next, read John 20:19-21 & John 21:15-19.

How would Christ’s resurrection upend the emotions & thoughts you identified when discussing the previous scene? 

How might this transform your understanding of God & how God operates? 

Why do you think Christ follows-up his resurrection with this repeated instruction for his disciples that they are to love him by continuing to feed his sheep (serve others)? 

Reflect on how this story speaks to your life right now. 

Where do you currently feel despair or apathy? More specifically, where do you find it hard to believe that God is present & working in your life? 

Where are you struggling to love & serve others like Christ in this season? Are there any individuals or groups of people that come to mind? 

How might Christ’s story of death & resurrection transform each of the areas that you’ve identified? 

Getting Out of the Hole

Take time each week to reflect on the Sunday sermon & how it might be applied to your daily life.

  • Read John 19-21. Write down any verses or key pieces of imagery that stand out to you the most. 
  • Where do you identify with the disciples (both good & bad)? 
  • How can this story give you hope in this coming season of your life? 
  • What would it mean for Easter to become a launching off point for acts of service in your community? 
  • Commit to adding one new, intentional act of service to your regular routine for the next year. 

Journal, reflect, & pray on how God might be speaking to you through each week’s teaching. Share your experience with your growth group next week!

Additional Resources*

Surprised by Hope by NT Wright

The Resurrection of the Son of God by NT Wright


Coming Up This Week:* 

Saturday, April 16th: Join us next Sunday for Baptism Sunday!* Please see mye3.org for details.