Month: April 2018



04.29.2018 | “One Mission 4: Commitment Sunday”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

How would you define “service?” Based on that definition, how are you serving at E3?


The Dig

Read Matthew 14: 28-31.

“What was he thinking?” Why do you think Peter challenged Jesus to “order him” to come out on the water?

What, do you think, changed in Peter between v28 and v30?

Have you ever struggled with your faith in Jesus? What circumstances tend to trigger your doubts?

Do you think Jesus ever doubts you? (Hint: the answer is no.)

What types of attitudes and activities can help increase our faith in Jesus?

Read John 14:9-14.

Jesus refers to the work that God (“the Father”) does. What words would you use to describe God’s work? To put it another way, what sorts of things does God do in the world?

What do you think Jesus means in verse 12? How can we do “greater things” than Jesus?

What type of God’s work are you involved in?


Getting Out of the Hole


Move the church forward and care for it by responding to One Mission sacrificially and with generosity.

If you are able to give a lead gift/first fruit, you can do so on Celebration Sunday (May 6).



04.22.2018 | “One Mission 3: One Day”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

Answer the question from Sunday: If you were asked to go on a trip that you didn’t know any details, except that it was guaranteed that it would change your life (for the better), would you go?

Why or why not?

What fears would you have? What thoughts might occur to you as you prepared to leave?


The Dig

Read Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:25-34.

Obviously, in this passage Jesus is going directly at our worry and anxiety over “earthly things”, and the toll that it can have over our spiritual lives.

What solution does Jesus offer to our anxiety? How would you summarize his teaching, or put it into your own words?

Have you ever tried it? What did you do, and how did it work out?

How do we PRACTICALLY “seek/desire God’s kingdom first”?

What are some of the ways in which you can put God first in your life?

WHY, in your opinion, does this work? In other words, what do you think happens to our anxiety when we trust God with our present, and embrace the adventure of generosity?

Is this something you desire more of in your life?


Getting Out of the Hole

Embrace the generosity adventure by asking God what you might give through the One Mission campaign.

In addition, take a spiritual risk by writing the name of your “One More” on the One Mission banner in the lobby.



04.15.2018 | “One Mission 2: One Step”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

Describe a time when someone was generous to you. How did it affect you?


The Dig

According to the Bible, generosity is not only a key characteristic of his followers, it is also good for us and the Kingdom.

Read Luke 14:12-14, Jesus confronts a commonly held belief in the first century. Generosity was actually encouraged in the ancient world, but it was usually “generosity-with-a-purpose,” in other words, you were generous with people and in ways that would increase your reputation and stature. The poor (for the most part) could not enhance your reputation around town, so inviting them to a luxurious dinner party would be seen as foolish and wasteful.

How do you see the ancient pattern (“generosity-with-a-purpose”) play itself out in our modern world?

Have you ever been guilty of giving something in order to enhance your reputation?

How do you confront this attitude? What it would look like to be generous in such a way that might look foolish to the rest of the world?

Eric described categories of giving (not giving, sporadic, regular, proportionate, and sacrificial). What category would you put yourself in?

What would it take to take one step forward?

Read Mark 12:41-44.

When we give, why does the attitude of our heart matter?


Getting Out of the Hole

Our challenge this week is to take a hard look at our finances; are we releasing them for impact in God’s Kingdom, or are we hoarding them. During One Mission, commit to taking a step forward in generosity.



04.08.2018 | “One Mission 1: Story”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

How did you get to E3? Who reached out to you, or “made room” for you to be here?


The Dig

Read John 6:63-69

In this passage, Jesus describes his teaching as full of “Spirit and life”, and his disciples refer to it as “words of life.”

What are some “words of life” that have been spoken to you through E3? What words, phrases, or truths has God used to change your life?

Who spoke them to you?

Both Exodus 13:21-22 and Romans 8:14 describe following God’s Spirit as an essential element of belonging to God’s family.

From these two passages, what do you think it means to “follow” the Spirit?

How do you think you cultivate or develop that ability?


Getting Out of the Hole

During One Mission, we will be praying these two prayers together as a community:

1. God, who would you reach through me?

2. God, what would you give through me?

Pray, and begin to respond to the people and thoughts that God lays on your heart.



04.01.2018 | “Easter Sunday”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

What are one or two of the most impactful events of your life?

How did they effect you?


The Dig

How would you define resurrection?

In what ways does Jesus’ resurrection body/life differ from his human one? In what ways is it the same?

What does that say about how resurrection will work for the rest of us?

Read 1 Corinthians 15:12-22.

What are some of the implications of the resurrection?

What do you think it means when Paul writes that, “since death came through a man, resurrection comes also through a man. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive” (vv21-22).

What do you think Paul is describing here? Why is it significant?

In the resurrection stories in Luke 24, Jesus appears in the context of meals, on walks, to skeptics as well as believers. The emphasis seems to be on the idea of that resurrection life can happen anywhere, anytime, to anybody.

Where in your life is it easy to experience resurrection life?

Where in your life is it challenging?

Why do you think that is? What’s the difference?

What could you do differently to bring the resurrection to these areas?

Getting Out of the Hole

Consider how you can bring resurrection to the areas of your life that are more difficult. Cultivate a steady awareness of Christ’s presence with you in all things, at all times, with all people.

* “One Mission” begins next week! Make sure to get the block party (4-7PM) on your calendar, and invite a friend!