Month: April 2017



04.23.2017 | “In The Groove”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

Describe your perfect day: would it be spent alone, or with people? Would you spend it reading, or serving someone? Would you walk around a lake or listen to a great piece of music?


The Dig

Where, when and HOW do you tend to experience God most deeply?

What does it mean to you that God has wired us up to experience Him differently?

Review the nine different paths (you might want to jot notes about the invitations, activities and/or cautions that come up in your discussion of the different paths):

– Naturalist

– Sensate

– Traditionalist

– Ascetic

– Activist

– Caregiver

– Enthusiast

– Contemplative

– Intellectual

Which of these do you think you gravitate to? Would your friends or Growth Group agree with your assessment? Why or why not?

Which of these do you have little interest in? Would your friends or Growth Group agree with your assessment? Why or why not?


Getting Out of the Hole

The most important part of wisdom like this is to simply act on it.

1. Choose one of the paths that you think is a good fit for how God wired you, and explore it this week.

2. If you’ve spent a lot of time in one path already, maybe choose a different path to explore this week. After your experience, journal or share with someone: How did it feel? What were the pros and cons of the experience? How did you encounter God?



EMPTY TOMB LIFE | 04.16.2017 | Easter (“Surprise…”)

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

What was the best surprise you ever got? What was it, and what was it like to experience it?


The Dig

Read John 20:1-18

Why do you think Mary Magdalene was the only person to go to the tomb? Where were the other disciples?

Why do you think that Mary doesn’t recognize Jesus until he says her name (v16)?

What do you think changed in her mind, heart and soul when she recognized him?

The Seven Markers of the “Empty Tomb/New Creation Life”

1. Centered on ______________.

2. Aware of ______________.

3. Views creation as flawed but ______________.

4. Marked by ______________.

5. ______________ and ______________.

6. Unity without ______________.

7. Views human beings as ______________.

Which of these come easy to you?

Which come more difficult?


Getting Out of the Hole

One of the best things we can do is to actually LIVE out the meaning of Easter, and not just experience it as a day on our calendar.

Choose one of the seven markers, and focus on it for the next seven days.

(If you’re REALLY daring, choose a different one on the following week, and focus on IT.)



THE ROAD | 04.09.2017 | The Road: Am I Willing to Let Him Be My King?

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

When is the last time you recited the pledge of allegiance? Can you recite it now?

What is it mean to live in the United States? What does it mean to be a “citizen” of the United States?


The Dig

Read Luke 19:28-40

According to the text, why were the people rejoicing so much? (v37)

Based on what you know about the gospel story, how well did they understand who Jesus really was?

How do you think Jesus felt as he entered Jerusalem?

How do you think his disciples felt?

What circumstances in our culture and/or your life make it difficult to obey Jesus, to live under his Kingship (and, therefore, in his Kingdom)?

Has there ever been a time when Jesus asked you to do something that felt really difficult, or “counter-cultural”? Or, put another way, has there ever been a time when you felt like living in “the Kingdom of God” was just really hard?

What happened? How did you deal with it?

In your opinion, how can we get better at obeying Jesus? How can we get better at living in his Kingdom?


Getting Out of the Hole

This week, think about how we live in tension between two (at least!) kingdoms.

This week, read Matthew chapters 5-7; note the qualities that Jesus emphasizes, and how they might mirror or contradict how we tend to live our lives.

Note the places and instances where you may be called to live and respond in ways that actually might contradict what Jesus, your King, would you call you too. If possible, strive to respond in a “kingdom of God way.”

In addition, keep in mind the Holy Week journey this week:

Passover Seder (Thursday 6-8PM; signup on

Prayer Vigil (Thursday 9PM-Friday 6PM; signup in the CGA lobby)

Tenebrae “Service of Shadows” (Friday 7PM)



THE ROAD | 04.02.2017 | “Am I willing to forgive others?”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

Have you ever been had a debt—or a mistake—generously forgiven?

How did it make you feel?


The Dig

Read Matthew 18:21-35

How would you summarize this parable in your own words?

Why do you think the unforgiving debtor refused to forgive the other servant’s debt (verse 28)? In other words, why is it easy for us to forget about the mercy that has been shown to us?

According to either this parable, or our experience, what are some steps we can take in order to better remember how much we’ve been forgiven?

Examine verse 33. What word is introduced here that we haven’t seen before?

Why do you think Jesus introduces it here? What is he trying to say?

Why do you think Jesus places so much emphasis on our willingness to forgive others?

The Process and Mechanics of Forgiveness:

1. Name it and feel it.

2. Look at the cross (and remember your own debt).

3. Release the person/incident.

4. Remember it’s a process.

5. Pray for the person.

Do any of these steps more challenging than others to you? Why?


Getting Out of the Hole

Examine your life for people that you may need to forgive. Think about taking a step forward in the process of forgiveness. If it’s necessary, seek help from a trusted friend or your Growth Group leader.

Make an invitation for Holy Week and/or Easter!