12 WORDS | 10.22.2017 | “Reconciliation”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

How would you evaluate or judge a “successful” church? What tells you, “Hey this is a good church; they’re doing something right.’?”


The Dig

Did you act on last week’s message? Did you reach out to anyone to ask for or to give forgiveness?

If so, how did it go? What was it like?

If you didn’t, was there a particular reason that you hesitated?

In his first letter to the church at Corinth, Paul pushes hard on the community to realign there relationships in a more Jesus-like way. The community was torn with divisions—socioeconomic, spiritual, and relational—and over and over again Paul admonishes and pushes on them to make things right. One of the most powerful statements he makes is in chapter 6.

Read 6:1-8

How does Paul’s statement in verse 7 strike you?

What does it say about Paul’s attitude towards forgiveness, being wronged, and relationships?

How might this situation apply to your life? Is there a situation where you are waiting to “be right”?

What is a possible different attitude that you could take? What might that look like?

*NOTE: There are situations in life where there we are legitimately and decisively wronged by another person or persons. If and when we are harmed by others, the point is not to pretend it did not happen. Rather, the point is to have appropriate boundaries, and be willing to move on in your own life, and at the same time seeking Jesus’ posture of self/ego surrender.


Getting Out of the Hole

Continue to monitor your relationships, seeking forgiveness when you need it, and offering it when someone else does.

Where it’s difficult, pray for (a) the person you need to forgive, and also (b) for your own willingness to do it when the time is right.