12 WORDS | 10.01.2017 | “Release”

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Breaking Ground

Have you ever had to recover from an injury? What was it like? If you had to go through physical therapy, were you ever tempted to give up? What made you push through?


The Dig


Read Matthew 18:8-9

What point is Jesus trying to make here? How would you paraphrase it, or put it in your own words?

In light of this scripture, why is sin—our brokenness or crutches—such a serious issue in our lives?

What do you think your sin is costing you?

What might moving past this look like, even if you’re blind and lame?

Read Lamentations 3:21-22

In light of “naming, telling, and releasing” our junk, what is your reaction to this scripture?

How easy or difficult is it for you to feel this mercy every day? What are some practical ways that you can experience “new mercies”?

Read Psalms 103:8-12

Spend some time reflecting and sharing moments when you’ve been aware of God “removing” your sin. As Paul says in Romans 12, in light of this great mercy, how can you respond to God right now?

In what ways can you be grateful to God for his mercy and love?

Getting Out of the Hole

Getting Out of the Hole

If you haven’t yet done the self-assessment from week 4, take some time to download the PDF from mye3.org and complete the reflection questions.

As you become aware of your “crutches” and the stuff in your house, consider its impact on your life. How have they kept you weak, as opposed to experiencing the healing that God has for you?

Name them. Share them. Release them.

Or at least pray for willingness.