12 WORDS | 09.24.2017 | “Confession”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

When you think about “confession”, what comes to mind?

Have you ever confessed to something?

Did you feel better afterwards?


The Dig


What keeps you from telling someone about your brokenness? What does it cost you to keep it to yourself?

Read Luke 15:11- 31

What brought the son to a point of confession?

Why does it usually take pain and heartache to get someone to a place of repentance?

How did the Father respond to the son’s confession?

What does this illustrate about the purpose of repentance and confession?

Do you connect with this story personally? What resonates with you?

Read James 5:16

What instruction does James give?

What is the result of confession?

Why do you think confession builds community?

Read 1 John 1:8–10

Do you feel society thinks about the nature of sin, repentance, and confession?

What does this scripture say about someone who claims they have nothing to confess?

What are the dangers of claiming one has no sin?

Getting Out of the Hole

Read Galatians 6:1–2

A community of grace, is a community that recognizes there is a standard, but gently helps someone toward realizing that standard. How can our church better be a community of grace?

Finally, is there something you need to unburden yourself with? This week, considering taking the step of grabbing some time with a trusted friend, counselor or pastor and naming the things inside you that you’d like to be released from.
Reach out to them and grab some time.