Month: December 2016



ORIGINS | 12.18.2016 | “Josiah”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

In what ways are you similar to your parents or family of origin? In what ways are you different?

Do you remember a point at which you realized you were different?


The Dig

Read 2 Kings 22:1-13

What happened to Josiah that caused him to get so upset?

What does it take to produce change in your life?

When is the last time it happened?

Read 2 Kings 21:1-6 and 2 Kings 2:19-22.

How easy was it for Josiah to take a different path from his father and grandfather?

Read Mark 1:15

How would you restate this in your own words?

Why do you think Jesus starts his ministry with this statement?

How have you understood the word “repent”? How would you define it?

Does it change your reaction to the word for you to understand it as “changing your way of thinking”?

Are there ways in which you have already “changed your way of thinking in regards to God, Jesus, and the spiritual life?

Are there ways in which you have not, or are still working through?

Have you made your faith your own? Where are you on your journey?


Getting Out of the Hole

Consider where in your life God might be asking you to change or to grow. Reach out to a friend, pastor or counselor to have a conversation about what that might look like.

Make an invitation to Christmas Eve gatherings (4:30 and 6PM).



ORIGINS | 12.11.2016 | “Ruth”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

What was your first job? How did you get it?

What qualified you to get your first job?


The Dig

Read Ruth 1:1-5

How do you think Naomi felt when all of these things happened to her?

What kind of situation do you think it put her family in?

Read Deuteronomy 23:3

What impact does that have on our story (hint: read Ruth 1:4)?

In light of this, Boaz still shows kindness to Ruth and Naomi.

What does this say about God?

A key theme of the book of Ruth is the Hebrew word hesed. No single English word can define it, but includes ideas like faithfulness, loving-kindness, steadfast love, loyalty, and compassion. The word is used to describe God’s relationship with His people (as in Psalm 136), as well as to describe humanity’s relationship with each other (as in Ruth 2:20; the word “kindness”).

How has God demonstrated His hesed to you?

How have you shown it to others?

Read Ruth 4:16-22

Despite the apparent absence of God in the book of Ruth, how would you say that God was working in and through the story.

Has there ever been a time when God seemed to be silent or absent in your life? How did you respond?


Getting Out of the Hole

Consider how you might show kindness to an “Outsider” this Advent season through tangible act of love, invitation, or compassion.

Consider the idea that God is always at work in your life, even it appears that He’s not.



ORIGINS | 12.04.2016 | “Rahab”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

Have you ever thought you knew someone based solely on what you knew about them?

The Dig

Read Joshua 2:1-7

What are your initial impressions of who Rahab is from these first few verses?

Read Joshua 2:8-21

What do these verses reveal about Rahab?

Some of the ‘labels’ that were put on Rahab by herself and by her community included ‘harlot’ and ‘prostitute.’

What are some of the identifiers or labels, that have been put on you by your community (positive or negative)?

What are some of the identifiers or labels, that you have put on yourself (positive or negative)?

Would you consider these labels to be part of your ‘Origin Story’?

How did God change Rahab’s labels?

Has God changed your labels? If so, how?


Getting Out of the Hole

An ‘Origin Story’ points to where a story begins. Like Rahab, we all have an origin story but are saved by God for a purpose. Spend some time in prayer to ask God where your story should be going. If He reveals to you that it isn’t currently aligned to His plans, consider the action steps you could take today to come into alignment with Him.