ORIGINS | 11.06.2016 | “The Fall”

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Breaking Ground

Was there an occasion where you had a favorite item or toy growing up that broke? How did you react?


The Dig

Read Genesis 3

When everything changes, (vv1-7) what’s God’s initial response (vv8-9)?

What is significant about this?

What strikes you about the response of the man and woman in verses 10-13?

Have you ever behaved similarly?

If you were writing the Genesis 3 story, how would you have had God respond to humanity’s mistake/transgression? What would you have done to them?

What does it say about God that he knits garments for Adam and Eve (v21)?

What’s the difference between the consequences of our mistakes (3vv16-19) and God’s view of us?

Read Romans 5:12-21

What is Paul saying here about our connection to Genesis 3 (specifically in Romans 5v18-19)?

What is Christ’s “one act of righteousness” (v18-19)?


Getting Out of the Hole

The events of Genesis 3 affect humanity’s vocation (their call to reign), and their ability to be full icons/reflections of God.

Which of these effects are more powerful in your life?

What’s the cure or remedy? How can you take steps to heal so that you can more more appropriately reign or govern, and/or to be an icon of God. Write those steps down and commit to acting on one of them.