ORIGINS | 11.13.2016 | “Call”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

When you think about a “calling” what comes to mind?

Do you feel like you have a calling?

Why or why not?

What is it?

The Dig

Read Genesis 12:1-3

What are your initial thoughts about Abram’s call?

What guarantees did God give Abram?

What questions do you think Abram had about God’s call on his life?

Read Genesis 12:4-6

Who did Abram take with him?

Who would you take with you?

What did Abram take with him?

What would you take with you?

What do you think the conversation was around the campfire on their first night of travel?

If you were at the campfire, what questions would you ask Abram?

Read Genesis 21:2

How many years did it take God to fulfill His promise?

Do you think Abram ever lost heart/faith?

Read Psalm 25:4-5

Does this prayer resonate with you?

What are the main components of this prayer?


Getting Out of the Hole

Pray Psalms 25:4-5 every day this week. Seek for God to show you the right path, point out the road to follow, lead you by truth, and put your hope and faith in Him.