11.26.2017 | “Beyond Black Friday”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

Take some time to share stories of your Thanksgiving holiday: What were 1-2 high points? Difficult times?


The Dig

What 1-2 words would you use to describe your life between Thanksgiving and New Years?

How much peace and joy do you experience in this season?

Read Matthew 6:25-32

Jesus repeats the phrase “do not worry” four times in this short passage. In Greek, the phrase is more literally, “don’t think about it.”

How do Jesus’ words here contrast with our culture, particularly during the run up to Christmas?

Read Matthew 6:33-34

What do you think it means to “seek first” the kingdom of God?

What are some practical ways that we—the church—can seek first the kingdom?

What are some practical ways that you as an individual can seek the kingdom?


Getting Out of the Hole

Jesus seems to be saying that the more that we seek God’s kingdom, the more we are liberated from anxiety and worry (and can therefore live out the call to “not worry” about the things in vv25-34).

How do you think that works?

Do you want this in your life?

What is one activity that you can engage in this week that would help you seek God’s kingdom first?

* Next week, we will begin a series called ADVENTUS. We ask that you prepare your heart (and LIFE) for generosity by asking God NOW how you can respond to the gift of Jesus.