11.24.2019 | GOD, PART 1 | Wk 11: “The God Who Dwells Pt. 2”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.


Breaking Ground

What is your favorite part about going home (to where you were raised)? What do you feel when you go home?


The Dig

Read Genesis 2:8-17

Read Revelation 21:1-4

Read Revelation 22:1-5

This is the beginning & end of the biblical story. In many ways, the entire biblical story revolves around the loss of Eden & our return to Eden

What imagery stands out to you the most from these passages? Is there any aspect of the beginning or end of the biblical story that hits home the most? 

How does this imagery at the beginning & end of the biblical story impact how you read it or understand it the rest of it? 

Next, take time reflecting on the fact that the ultimate purposes of God in the Bible is to dwell in Creation & amongst human beings once again

What does this teach us about who God is? 

How does this impact how you think about God – His character, purposes, goals, & desires? 

Throughout the biblical story, we find a progression of God dwelling more & more within creation. For example…

  • He appears to Moses through a burning bush (one tiny spot);
  • Then He appears in front of the Israelites in the desert;
  • Then He dwells in the Tabernacle / Temple, but with a veil separating His presence from the Israelites
  • Then Jesus claims to be the living Tabernacle – God’s presence in human form amongst us;
  • And, finally, Paul tells us that we, as Jesus’ disciples & through the indwelling of God’s Spirit, have become God’s dwelling space & tabernacle on earth.

How do you respond to this progression? What does it teach us about God & what God is doing? 

What does it mean for us to be the space where God dwells on earth as a pocket of Eden / Temple space? 

How does this change how you view your physical body & how you treat it?

How does this change how you see how you live in the world – your work, actions, character, etc? 

How does this impact how you think about your relationships with others? 

Is there a space in your life where you feel you are not living up to this Eden / Temple calling in the world?

What does it look like to grow in our capacity for being the place where God dwells?


Getting Out of the Hole

This week, take time & space to sit with the end of our series. Reflect on the topics we’ve covered: God being with us in suffering; God giving us His personal name; God calling us to do His work; God liberating us; God leading us; God providing for us; God covenanting with us; God forgiving us; God dwelling with us.

Reflect on which of these topics you need to dive into the most in this coming Advent season & which you think you could grow in understanding over the next few weeks. Take time this week to journal your thoughts.

Share your experience with the group next week! 



Additional Resources*

Jesus and the Victory of God by NT Wright

The New Testament and the People of God by NT Wright


Coming Up This Week:* 

Sunday, December 1: Join us for the first week of our Advent series Advent: When Good News is Actually Good.
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