12 WORDS | 11.12.2017 | “Messenger”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

What does the word “evangelism” mean to you? What images does it evoke?

Have you ever seen evangelism done in Jesus’ name that does NOT look like Jesus methods, personality or agenda that we see in the Bible?


The Dig

Read Luke 15:1-7 and 15:8-10

What do these passages say about evangelism?

How high a value does God place on human beings?

Why do you think there is such joy and rejoicing in heaven when people find their way to God?

In what ways are you currently being a messenger for the 10:10 (rich and abundant) life?

If you’re not, what holds you back from being a “messenger”?

On Sunday, Eric talked about 3 ideas to help people be messengers:
Always be ready (those who APPEAR least likely to receive God’s message are often those who are most ready).
You can GO before you “KNOW”.
Serve people, don’t “SELL” Jesus.

In your life, which of these ideas seems most helpful?

Is there anyone in your life that you need to reach out to? Is it you?

What would it mean to reach out to someone in your life (or even yourself) and ask, “Where does it hurt?”


Getting Out of the Hole

Think about your relational world: your friends, family, classmates, work colleagues, etc.

Is there any area(s) of their lives that you’re aware of that aren’t rich and abundant?

What would mean to ask them (in some way), “Where does it hurt?”?

Pray and watch for ways and opportunities that you could me a messenger this week.