11.04.2018 | “How to be Human | Wk 9 | Do Not Lie”

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Breaking Ground

What is your favorite work of fiction (movie, book, story)? Why?


The Dig

The theme of truth is a crucial topic in both the Old & New Testament. Ultimately, “truth” is something that is seen as belonging to God. Thus, seeking truth & seeking God’s will overlap. However, the Bible is also challenges our individual ability to fully know, understand, & live in “truth” on our own.

Read Isaiah 6:9-10. God challenges Israel to realize that their overreliance on their own perspective/perception (over even His own) has left them in a place where they are failing to honor God’s will without even realizing it.

Share about a time when you thought you had the absolutely right understanding of an issue, situation, or relationship; only to find out later that you were wrong. What led you to feel so certain? What changed your mind or helped you to a new understanding?

Do you feel that you have a strong ability to “see things as they really are” & look past your own immediate reactions or biases?

In general, what tends to impact your ability (or inability) to hear truth from a person with a different perspective? (Example: pride, hurt, emotions, past situations, etc.)

Read John 8:31-32 & 1 Corinthians 13:4-6. In the New Testament, Jesus & several authors tie our ability to know “truth”, live within it, & to “see things as they really are” to our ability to truly love others, to live as a witness to God, & to receive freedom/healing.

What role does “living in truth” (or “seeing things as they really are”) play in our ability to love others well?

What role does it play in our ability to be a witness of God to others?

What role does it play in our ability to be healed from our past or present hurts?


Getting Out of the Hole

This week, take time to reflect on where you need to listen to someone who you know is trustworthy, even if it’s hard. Take time to ask them for their perspective & advice concerning something you are struggling with. Reflect on how God might be speaking to you through what they say.