10.20.2019 | GOD, PART 1 | Wk 6: “The God Who Fights”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.


Breaking Ground

What used to make you most upset as a kid? Try to keep it light and funny! Think of a story that highlights getting upset over small or silly things. 


The Dig

Read Exodus 14:10-14.

Take a moment to get into the minds of the Israelites.

How would you have responded when you realized the Egyptians were approaching and you were stuck between them and the Red Sea? What’s the first thing you would have thought to do? 

Think about a time in your life when you were experiencing something hard that you thought would never end

How did you feel in that situation? How did you respond to it? 

Next, reflect on how God responds to the Israelites through Moses. First, think about his instruction to not be afraid

What role does fear play in trusting God in the midst of hardship? How does fear impact us in those moments?

Second, think about how God responds to their fear. He tells them to be still and trust that He will fight the battle for them.

How do you respond to the idea that God is willing to fight for us in the hardest battles of our life? 

What does it practically look like to let God fight for us in these areas of our lives? 

What does being still mean to you when it comes to facing hardships in our life? 

Do you find it easy to be still or seek quiet in the midst of hard seasons? 

What is an area in your life right now that you are experiencing struggle or hardship? What would being still and trusting look like in that situation? 

What are some practices or spiritual disciplines that you could practice to grow in your ability to experience this stillness (i.e., meditation, journaling, quiet retreat, prayer, etc.)? 

Close by reflecting on the end of the story. Despite what they first thought, God does the impossible and leads them through the Red Sea to safety. 

Reflect back on that situation in your past that you thought would never end. Namely that, despite how you felt in the moment, you were able to get through it

How did you get through it? How did things change? 

Does reflecting on how you made it through that situation impact how you handle hardships now?

Take time to express gratitude for making it through that experience and how it helped you grow


Getting Out of the Hole

This week, take time to think about what it means to be still in the midst of hardship or challenge. 

Take time this week to practice silent reflection through meditation, prayer, or getting quiet. 

Think about how adding these practices can help you handle hard situations in a healthier way. 

Journal about what you experience in these times of stillness and quiet. Share your thoughts with your group next week. 


Additional Resources*

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

A Hidden Wholeness by Parker Palmer

The Five Books of Moses by Robert Alter


Coming Up This Week:* 


Sunday, October 27: Join us for the next week of our series GOD PT. 1, where we will be looking at the God who provides!
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