05.26.2019 | “Y/OUR STORY | Week 5: Next Generation”

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Breaking Ground

What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given (think funny / try to be nice)? Did you take it? What happened?


The Dig

Read Psalm 78:1-8.

One of the central commands given to God’s People throughout the Scriptures is to pass along the commands, teachings, stories, & historical acts of God to the next generation.

First, why do you think the Scriptures place such a heavy weight on passing on the story to the next generation?

What does this say about God’s character & purposes for our world?

In this Scripture, the author seeks to tell the next generation about both God’s Praiseworthy Deeds & the rebellion of his own generation.

How do you respond to the idea that we, as God’s People, are supposed to tell the next generation about both God’s powerful work in the lives of our generation & the failures of our own generation?

Why do you think God wants His people to share both things with the next generation? How does that change how we share the story of God with the next generation?

One of the central themes of this series is that we must embody or hold onto a story of God that allows us to navigate & face the reality of our world.

How does passing on a story that includes BOTH God’s mighty acts & stories about our own failures in following Him help the next generation of Christ-followers?

One of the most important “cycles” in the Bible is the damage done when a generation fails to pass on the story of God correctly – both in terms of remembering what God has done & how they live it out in the world. It repeatedly describes the following generation as following in the brokenness of the one that came before.

Take a moment to reflect. What story are you passing on to the next generation about who God is & what He has done?

What story do you feel God is calling on you to share with the next generation? Why?

Consider the key parts of the story that we have discussed in this series:

  • Hope
  • Mission/Service
  • Healing
  • Forgiveness/Reconciliation
  • Helping the Next Generation

Which of these stories do you need to rethink/live out to pass it on powerfully to the next generation?

What is one step you could take this week to start passing on that story?



Getting Out of the Hole

One of the most important aspects of helping the next generation is to be a mentor or to seek out a mentor. The Bible is clear on that all people (no matter the age) need to seek wisdom & mentorship from others further along in the spiritual walk.

Take time this week to think about someone in your relational world who may be farther along spiritually (in biblical knowledge, wisdom, practice, etc.). Think about reaching out to them for mentorship or just to grab coffee.

Try also to think about someone YOU could help in your current relational world. Try setting up some time with them as well, even if it’s just to share your stories together.



Additional Resources*

The Leadership Jump by Jimmy Long

Canoeing the Mountains by Tod Bolsinger

The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever by Michael Bungay Stanier


Coming Up This Week:*

Sunday, June 2: Join us as we start our next series 12 WORDS! We will be taking the summer to go through 12 essentials of spirituality & faith.

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