05.13.2018 | “Mother’s Day 2018”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

What memories and/or feelings to you have in regards to Mother’s Day (whatever stage of life you may be in: parent, sibling, child, etc.)?

Any stories (humorous or otherwise) about this day from your life?


The Dig

In the Bible, God as a parent is a significant metaphor, and the image is not limited to only God as a FATHER. The Bible refers to God frequently in terms that typically describe a MOTHER or MOTHERHOOD.

What does this do to your understanding of God?

How does this PERSONALLY intersect with your life? (I.e., what type of images come into your mind when you think about your mother?)

How are these images and words different from any that are associated with your father?

How do those images differ from or enhance your understanding and worship of God?

What do you need from God this week? Nurture? Challenge? Acceptance? Adventure?

* NOTE: Jesus referred to God as “Abba”, which is a term that expresses and intimate and close relationship with a father. Even in that reality, however, Jesus also frequently communicated images and understanding of “His Abba” in ways that were understood by his culture and context as images of MOTHERHOOD.


Getting Out of the Hole

Be aware of any ways in which you see typically “feminine” personality traits and/or behaviors as somehow “less than” a divine reflection of God. Ask for forgiveness (from God as well as anyone you might have hurt), and ask God to change your heart.

Recognize and celebrate the God who can fully embody the human experience, AND celebrate the beautiful diversity and plurality of the Church (which is… ahem… the bride of Christ).