04.07.2019 | “Jesus Wept | Week 5: Idols”

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Breaking Ground

Do you remember a time when you tried to give something up & couldn’t? Try to pick a funny story if possible!


The Dig

Idolatry is the practice of shaping an image or statue of a god out of natural resources (stone, wood, metals, etc.) & then worshipping it as if it were a real, living god. God repeatedly calls His people not to practice idolatry & it is consistently the command from God that Israel struggles the with most to keep.

Read Isaiah 44:9-10.

In these verses, we read a description of the process of making an idol & why worshipping it doesn’t make sense.

What stands out from these verses? What are some of the reasons that idolatry is condemned?

What are some reasons that you can think of that people would seek out idols?

One of the greatest temptations of idols is that they provide something physical & tangible to look at & hold. This gives people the illusion of comfort & control, even if they can’t actually do anything to help. Thus, people seek to replace God with these physical idols in Scripture – especially in times of complacency & hardship.

Why do you think this is true? Why is it easier to want to put trust in an idol instead of God?

Why do you think idols are easiest to turn to in areas of complacency & hardship?

In a real sense, an idol is anything that takes the place of God in our lives, especially when it comes to what we trust in. It is elevating anything that isn’t God to a place of trust, hope, & worship in our life & actions. Paul, in particular, argues that idols can include things like greed, anger, security, any perceived identities/loyalties outside of our faith, etc.

What are some of the things that you find yourself turning to over & over again when you get complacent & experience crisis? What emotions come up? What issues or reactions do you consistently have? What struggles come with it?

What are some things from our surrounding culture that we find it hard to give up, surrender, or give over to God?
What are things that YOU find hardest to give up?

Think over your answers. What sorts of “idols” do you see as being common in the group? Which do you think you have the most trouble giving up?

What is one step you can take this week to surrender an area of idolatry & instead trust God?


Getting Out of the Hole

Review the “response cards” for the week. Pray the prayer and meditate on the words, Explore the topic, and choose a way to Act on your response.