03.25.2018 | “Witness 6: The Mockers”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

Think about a time when you were influenced by a peer group, your friends, or culture (Remember 80s fashion? Parachute pants, anyone?). What was it? Do you regret it?


The Dig

This is one of the more interesting passages in the Book of Acts. People who are opposed to the Church declare that these people are causing trouble “all over the world.” It’s ironic because at this point the church is very, VERY small. In other words, to say that they are causing trouble all over the world is a gross exaggeration.

However, what the passage DOES speak to is the fact that the men and women of the church are “in the game,” proclaiming the kingdom of God and Jesus in the face of the kingdom of Rome.

In the same way, the church is called to live out its faith and proclaim the kingdom of hope, love, and compassion in the face of our modern culture.

What are some UNHELPFUL ways that you’ve seen God’s people “cause trouble”?

What about some HELPFUL ways?

What is the difference? How can we discern when our efforts to live out God’s kingdom in the world may be hurting us rather than helping?

What are some helpful ways that we can be active in our community and proclaim God’s kingdom in Tallahassee and North Florida?


Getting Out of the Hole

Be active. Don’t just live out your faith inside the walls of E3. Get out and impact your world.

Our impact and “trouble making” starts with the Cross. Lean in to one or more of our Holy Week gatherings this week: Thursday Worship and Communion, our Prayer Vigil from Thursday night to Friday evening, and our Tenebrae gatherings on Friday.

Specific times on www.mye3.org.