03.03.2019 | “Jesus Wept | Introduction & Invitation”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.

Breaking Ground

Have you ever participated in the season of Lent, either at E3 or at another church? What is your recollection of that experience? Was it meaningful?

Take a few minutes sharing your understanding of Lent (or take a few minutes to Google “Lent” for some explanation).


The Dig

Read Leviticus 16:21-22. Consider what Eric said about the Biblical concept of sin:

  • That it’s not merely individual
  • That it’s not just based on our feelings or perception
  • That it’s not just based on intention
  • That it is anything that breaks “Shalom”

How does this change your understanding of sin, or brokenness?

In regards to what could happen in these upcoming 40 days of lent, what is holding you back in your spiritual journey? What is in your way?

What would it look like to turn from it, to surrender or abstain from it, during this season?

Think about the end of this season (which will be on Easter Sunday): What would your life look like if you made spiritual progress? What changes could take place in your life?


Getting Out of the Hole

Prayerfully consider what you might surrender or abstain from during this season of Lent. Without broadcasting it publicly, share it with someone, and ask them to help hold you accountable to it.

Attend Ash Wednesday gatherings (Noon and 6PM).

Commit yourself to E3’s journey of Lent.


Additional Resources: Food Fasting Guidelines

Abstaining from food is a powerful form of fasting. However, there are health considerations. Please be wise, seek counsel, and prayerfully consider what God is calling you to if you choose to fast from food.

Some basic options for fasting around food include:

Abstaining from something specific. Consider this if you sense that a specific food or drink (candy, soda, alcohol, etc.) has control over you.

Skipping a meal. Simply going without lunch, or breakfast. (See guidelines below.)

“Dinner-to-Dinner”. A 24-hour fast (could also be based on lunch or breakfast, depending on your life and context; see guidelines below.)

“The Daniel Fast”. Based on the fast mentioned in the book of Daniel, this fast is based on fruits and vegetables and excludes meat, and sweeteners, dairy products, processed foods and alcohol.

Anything more intense than this should be done only if you are experienced with fasting, and after research.

Here are some tips for a basic daily fast:

  1. Fast from dinner to dinner. Fast for 24 hours from after dinner one evening to just before dinnertime the next (or lunch or breakfast).
  2. Consider an alternate fast. Some people can’t skip multiple meals because of medical conditions. An alternative to a 24-hour fast is a single meal fast, a liquid only (juices, teas, broths) fast, or a fast from TV, internet, sweets, coffee, or a favorite activity for a longer period of time.
  3. Drink water constantly. Fasting (particularly from caffeine or sugar) is often initially accompanied by headaches. Staying well hydrated can prevent or minimize headaches.
  4. Drink herbal tea with a little sweetener. This can help alleviate hunger pains and lift your energy level
  5. Substitute eating with prayer. Use your phone to remind you when lunch should be, and begin to pray and meditate during that time.
  6. Use a prayer guide for focus and direction. Develop a journal where you list different things you want to pray, including your family, friends, your church, the world.
  7. Use your hunger or cravings as prompts to pray. Whenever your tummy grumbles or you desire what you’re fasting from, pray instead. Instead of trying to ignore your cravings, use them as prayer prompts.

Expect spiritual and physical opposition. You will be tempted to give up or abandon your fast (especially if you stumble). Endure it! Just start again, and treat the voices that encourage you to quit as a spiritual distraction or opposition.


Coming Up This Week:

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Wednesday Mar 6 (12PM and 6PM): Ash Wednesday gatherings.

Saturday, Mar 9

  • (8:30AM): A Woman’s Pregnancy Center Walk for Life.
  • (9AM): Service Project: Fire Escape Construction.
  • (9AM): Service Opportunity: E3 Food Pantry Open.

Sunday, Mar 10: Our sermon series for Lent, titled “Jesus Wept,” continues with “Injustice”. Daylight Saving Time begins.
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