02.02.2020 | GOD, PART 2 | Wk 1: “A New Exodus”

Join the community and go deeper with this Bible study.


Breaking Ground

What was the book from your middle or high school education that has stuck with you the most? Why? 

The Dig

Start your conversation with this big question – what is the Jesus story about? For example: Who is he? Why did he come? What did he do? Why does he matter?

Next, read Matthew 1:18-23. 

Recall from the sermon that the opening line of this section is meant to reflect the Creation Account in Genesis, but this time it’s God’s Spirit creating a person instead of the entire universe

How does this impact how you think about the birth of Jesus? 

Why do you think Matthew words Jesus’ birth account in this way? 

Reflect on the names in verse 21. There is Jesus (in Hebrew, “Yahweh Saves”) & then Immanuel (“God with Us.”)

What does it mean that Jesus will save his people from their sins? How does a new Genesis story play into that calling? 

What does it mean that Jesus is God with Us

How do you think these two names fit together? In other words – how does God save by becoming God with Us

What does this tell us about who God is, who Jesus is, & what Jesus’ story will be about

Close by reflecting on the final part of Jesus’ origin story. The final five stories of the birth narrative reflect a new Exodus taking place. The characters, themes, & movements are all meant to reflect the Old Testament Exodus story. But this time, Jesus is in the place of Israel & he is rescued from the Promised Land to the nations of the world – the reverse movement of the original Exodus story. 

What do we learn about who Jesus is & what his story will be about from this overlap with the Exodus story? (liberation, rescue, freedom, etc.)

What do we learn about who Jesus is & what his story will be about from this main difference with the Exodus story? (i.e., that the Promised Land/People of God are now going out into the nations of the world)

What does it mean that Jesus’ story announces a new Exodus taking place in our world with himself at its center

How does this impact your understanding of who Jesus is & what he came to do in the biblical story? 


Getting Out of the Hole

Take time this week to reflect on what it means for the Jesus story to be about new creation, rescue, liberation, & exodus right here & now. 

As you head into this series, reflect on:

  • Where you might need a story of new creation in this season?
  • Where you might need a story of liberation in this season? 
  • Where you might need a story of God with you in this season? 

Hold onto these questions as we move through this series & reflect on how Jesus’ story of New Exodus might impact your answers & how you understand his story’s impact on your life. 

Journal about your answers to these questions & pray for insights. Share your experience with the group next week! 


Additional Resources*

Matthew Commentary by Stanley Hauerwas

Simply Jesus by NT Wright

Jesus and the Victory of God by NT Wright

Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament by Chris Wright


Coming Up This Week:* 

Sunday, February 9: Join us for the second week of our series GOD PT 2, where we will be looking at what it means that Jesus announces the arrival of a New Kingdom in his New Exodus Story. 
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