We identify 5 purposes that we believe are essential for the Body of Christ to live out practically in order for us to be healthy – individually and communally. These purposes are Worship, Outreach, Connexity (yes, we made up a word), Discipleship and Service.

As we live out these purposes, individually and communally, we will see God move in us and through us for His glory and our good. This is not a formula, it is an intentional journey to seek God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbor as ourself. May God’s will be done!

  1. Worship – A passion for the LORD should be the AXIS of everything we do. First and foremost we are a community of worshipers. God is worthy of the product of our every breath and we want to give him the first fruits of our lives. Everything we do should be done as worship towards God.
  2. Invitation – Sharing our faith is very important to us but outreach is not “drive by evangelism”. Instead, it is relationally earning the right to share with our friends the reason for our hope.
  3. Connexity – We desire to connect people with Biblical community. It is essential for a follower of Christ to be part of a kinetic community that will encourage them to live the life that God has envisioned for them.
  4. Discipleship – We are all called to help each other forward in our faith. We desire to build intentional relationships that will help us learn and apply God’s Word in meaningful ways.
  5. Service – Jesus came as the Servant of all and we are to be the conduit of God’s mercy and love as we are molded into His image. We have the privilege and responsibility to be the tangible hand of Christ in a lost and hurting world.