E3’s mission is to “make, mature, and mobilize full devoted followers of Christ. Similarly, Jesus doesn’t call us to make “converts”; rather he calls us to make disciples (fully devoted followers).

Discipleship at E3 is centered around something we call the “Discipleship Track”, and is divided conceptually into three areas: “Stage “Classes”, “Equip Classes”, and “Expressions”.

Stage Classes are core classes that help you INVESTIGATE the claims of Christ, ORIENTATE you to the church, DEMONSTRATE your love through spiritual gifts, passions, and strengths, and ILLUMINATE your faith. (These classes are required to pursue ownership at E3.)

Equip Classes are designed to do just that: equip you with the tools that you need to live the life that God has envisioned for you. These classes may range from nutrition classes to classes on Biblical interpretation.

Expressions are the “laboratories” where we live out our faith tangibly. They include serving locally or globally, or participating in worship or a Growth Group.

The best place to get started with discipleship at E3 is at the Pathways Booth. Feel free to stop by before or following each worship gathering.